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Religious America, Secular Europe? A Theme and Variations Издательство: Ashgate, 2008 г Мягкая обложка, 138 стр ISBN 0754660117 Язык: Английский инфо 3760z.

Europe is a relatively secular part of the world in global terms Why is this so? And why is the situation in Europe so different from that in the United States? These are the key questions considered in this бщькбbook; key questions (the theme) clearly articulated in the first chapterSubsequent chapters explore the nature of Eurosecularity in more detail (the variations on the theme) - paying attention to its historical, philosophical and institutional dimensions They also asвзыеъk how the question of Eurosecularity is related to social difference (class, ethnicity etc) In each chapter, the similarities and differences with the American case will be carefully examined The final chapter explores the ways in which these features translate into policy on both sides of the Atlantic This book is highly topical and relates very directly to the tensions between Europe and America in the present period Авторы Peter Berger Grace Davie Effie Fokas.

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